The First Cooler With 4 Retractable Wheels

Designed with YOU in mind. Perfect for camping, hunting, beaching, swimming... ANYTHING.

Telescopic Handle

Break Resistant Latches

Durable Handles

7" All-Terrain Rubber Tires

Retractable Wheel System

Performed awesome! Beverages stayed cold the whole trip and not having to carry the cooler around was amazing!
I was a little skeptical at first that the cooler would be super heavy with the added wheels. Surprisingly I really couldn't tell a difference when it came time to load it in the truck. Keep's Ice really well, and I highly recommend this cooler!
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Better in every way

The days of struggling to carry a cooler from Point A to Point B are over! There is one major issue with all the coolers on the market today and that is weight. Carrying these coolers when they are full of ice and beverages is extremely difficult and requires two people to do so. The Infinite All Terrain Series cooler has a built in deployable wheel assembly that allows you to roll the cooler right along, and you never have to worry about carrying it again! The wheels are not the only benefit you'll get with the Infinite Cooler. Our mission is to simplify the consumers life when it comes to transporting a cooler.

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